2013 EID celebration!



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Ethiopian Bay Area Muslims Association

EID 2013


Today, Saturday AUGUST 10/2013, more than 200 EBAMA members celebrated EID. The celebration took place at OAK MEADOW park in Los Gatos, CA. Number of individuals made the celebration to be one of the kind. Especial recognition is needed to members who prepared and presented the food. These members have long helped making events such as EID, Ramadan and monthly and weekly gathering special by preparing food and organizing the events. Other part of the event that made this EID celebration special was games played by kids age under 18 .

Kids age between 5 and 18 played a few different type of games and the winners were presented with cash up to $25 each. First two games (PICTURES COMING SOON) were played by both male and female contenders between the age of 5 and 8 and between 8 and 12. The game was to reach a certain distance, 20 to 30 yards, hopping while both legs were inside a large plastic bag. The winners from the two groups were able to take home $25 each. The second place winners took home $20 each and third place $15.

Age group between 13 and 18 were in one category and competed running while holding eggs on spoon. Winners were also presented with $25, $20 and $15.

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As we all know, our community needs a lots of work and commitment from all of us to restore the condition and name EBAMA used to have. To do so, we must first become financially stable. One way that each and all of us can contribute to restore the financial problem EBAMA is experiencing is to pay our membership fee as they come due. Majority of the active members are currently behind on their monthly membership fee. The committee members are doing everything to implement a system where monthly membership fees could be deducted directly from a bank account as they come due. However, for now, please help us help EBAMA by paying your membership fee.

Please contact Nejat for more detail.

Thank you


Since it's birth over ten years ago, EBAMA has required the efforts of many individuals to get to where it is today. Some are still here with us and some aren't. Although, it is not necessary to name and reword these individuals because the reward is greater from ALLAH (SW). However, EBAMA new committee felt it is necessary to recognize a few individuals for their out standing commitment to EBAMA's DUAWA and teaching. These Individuals are:-


Teacher Fatima Abdela



More Pictures will be posted in the coming days.

Commitment to Rebuild our Community!

Short term goal:

Our community had served the bay area Muslim Ethiopians for over 15 years. Throughout these years, particularly some people had sacrificed their valuable time so the community will be stronger and better. As a community, we need to appreciate these individuals by any chance we get. THANK YOU, on behalf of the community members, for serving the community. Recently though, we as a community have failed to recognize the issues that EBAMA have had. There are many issues that we need to over-come in order to restore EBAMA's stand. To do so, we must implement both short and long term goals. Our short goal must concentrate on issues we have internally and work together and make EBAMA strong and better than before.


Long term goal:

Since our only source of income comes from the membership fee, we need to maintain the number of our members so EBAMA will comfortably manage and cover its day to day expenses. For a long term goal, we as a community need to do a few things so we can increase the number of members and income.

1 >> We need to reach out Muslim sisters and brothers in the Bay Area so they become members.
2 >> Form a strong and reliable youth group. Group that is not only full of members but also have a potential to lead EBAMA to the next level in the near future ....